Dirt Divas

Created to provide a safe and fun space for females within the world of mountain biking, the Dirt Divas offers a highly social and fun environment for learning and honing mountain bike skills. With Pilates, Yoga, experienced female mentors and woman specific tailored sessions this group is a unique and valuable part of MAD MTBC.

Sessions are usually held on the last Sunday of each month out at Rowallan Park. To find out more information: females can request to join the Dirt Divas Facebook page; and males can keep an eye out for events, to tag the females in their lives in, on the MAD MTBC Facebook page.

Mel is our co-ordinator for 2019 and can be contacted via females@madmtbc.net

3 thoughts on “Dirt Divas

  1. Hello I have just gotten a mountain bike and waniting to get into mountain biking. Is there any chance to come out and use the mountain biking tracks? Or come along to a day where it’s open to the public?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Laura! Great to hear you’re keen to give MTB a go :) The park is able to be ridden at any time that it’s open (which is most of the time). You just need to have an MTBA membership…a free 8-week trial membership is available at https://www.mtba.org.au/membership/membership-types/free-trial-membership/
    There are free Skills Sessions on Sunday afternoons at 3, which are open to the public. Simply head over to the MAD Facebook page and register via the event link.
    Please send us a message via facebook or to communications@madmtbc.net if you have any further questions and we will get back to.

    Happy riding!

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