Social Rides

MAD Mountain Bike Club offers social rides throughout the year and is an opportunity to meet other club members and find new tracks.  The MAD MTBC endeavors to hold at least one social ride per month, there are a number of upcoming rides on the official calendar on this site, but some are also organised on an ad hoc basis. Our 2022 social ride coordinator Ryan Rafferty will update on the ride location and any other requirements, so keep an eye on the facebook page to stay up to date.

Next Social Ride: 21st August 2022

March 2022 – June 2022 – Social Rides with Raff

3 thoughts on “Social Rides

  1. Hi I am interested in joining your club but want to go on some social rides first when do you guys meet for rides and meetings?

  2. You probably need to update the web site with up to date info & membership pricing.
    Not everyone wants to troll through FB to get info as that in itself can be rather arduous & labourious.

  3. Just wasted 15 min going through this site but the information is lacking and links non existent. Maybe you would like to update it if you want new members.

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