Committee Position – Coaching Coordinator

Ideally a Coaching Coordinator is someone who:

· Is passionate about mountain bike riding in Mackay

· Is or willing to become well informed of all MAD MTBC activities.

· Can communicate effectively and has good interpersonal skills.

· Is concerned with the future directions and plans MAD MTBC.

· Has or is willing to obtain a good working knowledge of the constitution, rules and the duties of all office holders and subcommittees.

· Is positive and enthusiastic.

· Be a member of the MAD MTBC and abide by its policies.

· Has knowledge of the MAD MTBC’s operations, rules and policies.

· Access to internet, email, web, MS Word, MS Excel or equivalent/compatible.

· Have skills and/or experience with coaching

· Have or are willing to get a Level 1 MTB coaching certificate

If you wish to nominate for this position or any other committee position before the AGM please email madmtbc

Position Description Coaching Coordinator.pdf

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