Free Trial Membership

Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) is very excited to announce the release of a new 8-week free trial membership option.

The no obligation free trial is open to anyone who has never been an MTBA member, or a past member who hasn’t held a membership in the last 3 years, and gives riders two months of free access to almost all of the premium benefits that come from being an MTBA member.

Trial members will thus be covered by 24/7 personal accident and public liability insurance and they will also have access to coach and commisaire education courses, be kept in the loop through a fortnightly eNewsletter, have the chance to trial local clubs, have access to exclusive member benefits with MTBA partners and much more.

On top of this, trial members will have the ability to enter nearly all MTBA-sanctioned events around Australia without purchasing a day licence.

The initiative has been created and driven by Shane Coppin, the Executive Officer for MTBA, and he believes it will be instrumental in attracting new members to the sport.

“The 8-week membership offer will be a great way to expose the wider community to the benefits of being an MTBA member and by allowing people to test out local clubs, we will be helping our club structure grow in size and reputation”, said Coppin.

“Essentially, what we want to do is make mountain biking as fun and accessible as we can for Australians, and I am confident that this will be a step in the right direction in terms of helping us attract a wider fan base.

“MTBA has seen significant growth in membership over the past 12 months and I am excited to see this initiative take growth to a new level.”

For more information about the trial membership, or to sign-up today, go to .

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