Track Mainenance & Working Bees

Our track maintenance team is headed up by the very capable Steve Weiss, he relies on a team of volunteers to regularly mow, whipper snip, chainsaw, and generally keep the trails in tip top condition for our enjoyment and challenge.

There are times though when the MAD MTBC has no choice but to close the track, and this is communicated through the MAD MTBC facebook page. If you happen to come across anything that is dangerous on the track such as fallen trees, these can also be reported through the facebook page.

Working Bees are also a necessity for the mountain bike track and as for any volunteer organisation many hands make light work. Working bees are held monthly and any upcoming events will be posted on the Facebook page. All equipment is provided and tasks range from small jobs such as clearing rocks from tracks and raking to whipper snipping and mowing.

NEXT WORKING BEE DATE: See you all in 2023