Track Maintenance

Our track maintenance team is headed up by the very capable Mr Maurice Coppo this year. He relies on a team of volunteers to regularly whipper snip, chainsaw and generally keep the trails in tip top condition for our enjoyment and challenge.

This year we are looking at introducing an ‘Off’ season, where the weather is too unpredictable to warrant massive effort maintaining all of the trails (mostly during Summer). Once the bad weather sets in we will try to keep 101, 102 and Jellyfish ridable, but the rest of the track will be left (possibly closed depending on it’s condition) until the weather stabilises again prior to the start of our Calendar season. We will make it easier to tell if the track is Open, Closed, or Partially Open (101, 102 & Jellyfish) by changing the MAD MTBC Facebook cover photo.

Working Bees will be posted on the Facebook page as Events you can register for and find out what jobs need doing and what equipment is required. If you are interested in helping out, please register or contact Maurice directly.

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