Track Changes in 101

Track Changes in 101

Riders please note that that there have been 2 recent modifications to 101.

1) The jump at the back of 101 after the wooden ramp and small downhill is larger than it has been in recent years. It is now back to its original height. If concerned about getting too much air, approach at a speed that you are comfortable and confident with.

2) There is also a small double between the palm trees that can be pumped or jumped depending on skill and speed.

These new sections were ridden 450 times during the races over the weekend including 50 times by our Dirtmasters without incident (except the occasional skid mark!).

As always, ride your first lap conservatively to check for any obstacles or changes to the track.

We apologise for any surprises and will endeavour to improve signage regarding track changes. Please check the Website, Facebook and the Rego Box notice board also.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email.

Thank you, Peter Lister
Vice President
Level 1 MTB Coach

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