Corry Cycles MTB Night Ride Tonight

The ride starts from 6pm at Corry cycles. It’s an easy cruise and chat there and back. For those who can’t make this time or are simply too soft to do a few extra ks you can meet at 6.30 at the MTB park. All welcome at any level so pass on this email to tell ya friends to come. We have very high powered lights to loan to those who don’t already have some.

Be aware you now have to be a club member or MTBA member to ride their now but the good news is MTBA are doing a free 8 week licence or to be a social member of for the year is quite cheap. Don’t forget ya $2 for the Scouts so we can keep riding there. See this link for the licence……

It’s getting a bit too hot to ride throughout the day now so hope to see you all there for the most fun you can have on 2 wheels.



Corry Cycles

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