Committee Position – Secretary


The Secretary is the chief administration officer of the Mackay and District Mountain Bike Club (MADMTBC). This person provides the coordinating link between members, the management committee and outside agencies.


The Secretary should:

  • Prepare the agenda for committee meetings in consultation with the President.
  • Make arrangements including venue, date, times for committee meetings.
  • Send adequate notice of the meetings.
  • Collect and collate reports from committee members.
  • Call for and receive nominations for committees and other positions for the annual general meeting.
  • Take the minutes of meetings.
  • Distribute minutes to the committee and MAD MTBC members.
  • Read, reply and file correspondence promptly.
  • Maintain files of legal documents such as the constitution.
  • Communicate information between the MAD MTBC committee and club members, such as event deadlines
  • Assist the Executive Committee in the development of one-year operational plans.
  • Assist the Executive Committee in the development of a yearly event calendar.
  • Assist the Executive Committee in the creation, renewal and approval of new MAD MTBC policies for good governance where needed.
  • Liaise with the Multimedia Coordinator to assist in the dissemination of information to appropriate parties
  • Liaise with all committee members to provide administrative support where appropriate and approved by the President

Position Description Secretary.pdf

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