Mackay Mountain Marathon needs volunteers

We need volunteers to help with the MMM for Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd August 2014.
The MAD MTBC supports this exciting event but to make it successful we need your help!
If you’re planning on riding the event but can help out on Saturday to set things up or Sunday after the event to pack up, please contact the club for more details and then go onto the MMM website to register as a volunteer.
If you are coming to the event with a rider and can spare a bit of time to help out before, or after or while the race is in progress, there are lots of things you can do to help. Might as well while you are waiting for the riders to come in.

Jobs to be done :
Help setup the camping areas, portable showers, entertainment area, marquees etc.
Enjoy the atmosphere while you’re at it and hang around for some fun into the afternoon and evening.

Prepare start area (archway) then move it to finish area.
Drinking water and marshal check points, pack up course markers, pack up oval area and finish line area.

Help out, have fun, enjoy the weekend and make it an awesome event!

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