Commissaires Needed


Mackay and District Mountain bike club need commissaires to enable the club to run races. At present we have 1 commissaire that is not available to attend most of our races. We are asking for your help.

What is a Commissaire?
As commissaire you oversee all the competitive aspects of the field of play and must ensure the competitive elements are both fair and safe for all participants, not only riders but also officials, volunteers and spectators.

Will I still be able to race?

As a commissaire you will still be able to race and if we get enough participants in the training to be come accredited the load will be very light as you may only need to do one race per year.

What will it cost?

The club will cover the cost of the training and fees required to do the course.

Please contact the club President Steven Elvy if you have any questions or want to apply to be a commissaire. You can contact Steven at

The more commissaires we have the more events we will be able to run.


Mackay and District Mountain Bike Club Committee

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