Minutes from March Meeting

DATE: Wednesday 05.03.14
MINUTES TAKEN BY: May Mosshammer
(As per attendance sheet)
Peter Lister, Lesley & Jeff Rafferty, Sharon & Rodney Mills, Steven Elvy, Roman & May Mosshammer. Dean Waring, Steve & Owen Elvy.

Steven moved the previous minutes to be true and correct
2nd by Jeff Rafferty​

Treasurer’s Report:
Current balance to date: 9864.81

Secretary’s Report:
​ Nil to report – no outgoings.

President’s Report:
• MMM( Mackay Mountain bike Marathon) – Jeff & Lesley
M.A.D has reinvested last year’s contribution into this year’s event.
Volunteers are needed – Lesley will create the task list and Millsy will post it on the website. Please get involved in this excellent community event.

• The Club needs to get PR flyers made up for MMM & The Rush. These will be given out in Riders Packs and is an excellent way to raise awareness of M.A.D…new members etc.
It was decided to go with Mac Print as the club has used them before and they do a good job.
Jeff and Lesley will proof the flyers.

• Commissare update:
MTB Townsville has advised Steven –M.A.D. on how to recruit new Commissare’s and Trainers and Steven will continue this dialog.

• Meeting Venue:
Roman will investigate Magpies as a possible new meeting venue.

Race coordinator – Peter:
Peter requested an endorsement form from our club as he is a Community Coach @ his school.
This form will tie our club with schools and promote community orientated programs and events.
Steven will address the paperwork required.
Peter requested numbers of interested members to coach – The club will pay for the training required.

Zach Mach 10th May:
A huge ‘Thank You’ to sponsor ANZ Bank.
Jerseys has been designed and ordered and the preparation for the event is well under way.

It was decided that in the future the following months will be chosen for racing events – April to November. Why was this Roman? …Good weather?…my notes fail me.

This year ‘Events List’ was discussed in depth and a list of chosen events has been attached.

• QLD Titles:
M.B.A. does not run any State Titles.
Currently The Mountain Bike QLD Club has been running an unofficial non MTBA recognized State Titles. Roman will continue to communicate with MTBQ to move forward with running this style of QLD title with the hope to host the Titles in 2015.
The 2014 event will be run in southern QLD.

Social Ride Coordinator – Millsy
New tracks and events are always under review – Look for events on our M.A.D. website
It was highlighted that we need to target family orientated events and end with a BBQ or something similar.

Web Wizard – Millsy
• Website Update
Millsy has had a lot of inquiries reg. memberships and Rowellan Park which is great and shows that our website works. All relevant news and material please send it to Millsy and he will post it on the website

Track & Grounds Coordinator – Jeff
• Humpy
Jeff tabled a construction draft done by Fields Engineering for the new humpy. Jeff felt it didn’t meet the needs or ideas that he initially had put to them. Hence he will be re-negotiating with Fields,.
The Club also need a letter of confirmation of Lease for Fields. Steven will follow up on this request.

• Jeff inquired how many riders are allowed to ride on our tracks at any given time.
The Club’s track capacity is 200 riders – 6.5km circuit

Meeting closed at 9.02pm

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