November Meeting

Good evening all,

we had a great meeting this month with a great turn out. These are the details that were covered

We are as a club:

Difficult few year with ups and downs. Increase and decline in member numbers.

Done things for mountain biking in the region

We have 150 members and we do not see enough of them. Especially at events

We have ask Chris in the Whitsundays on to help us with our on line presence. And I am sure that you can all see the results.

The competition events we have had on this year have been fun for those who could attend. But to get more of our members out on the track we will try and push for more social events. The title “enduro” and “series” might have put some of our members off but we will try and balance this out moving into the end of this year and in the new year.

We realise that trying to achieve many results in different areas from track condition and maintenance, government programs and events has been hard to manage this year. So we will be planning a better division of the work with clear roles and possibly some temporary roles for short projects not full committee members – for those members who like the idea of helping but don’t want the long commitment to the committee.

Commissaries – we are waiting for a few more people to complete the online training then MTBA can approve so that we can go back to holding races

The “no riding unless you are a member” signs are coming down. They are to be replaced with ones with information on the club and “the gate might be closed but this is to keep cows out not riders”. And a bit more direction as to where new members can park to ensure that the water pipes do not get damaged again.

More flyers will be going out to the bike shops to assist in getting the information out and add to increasing our member base and helping new riders find us.

We discussed the need for a crm system to help manage the contact details of our members as we are having issues when someone wants to stop receiving e mails we can remove them from the contact list but when the e mails go out they are added back in. David will be looking into this.

Steve and Roman in the interim are setting up a development committee as a subcommittee to work on special items. Watch this space for more details or come to the AGM to learn about this and other subcommittees. The AGM is coming around again and will be on the Saturday 1st

February – location TBA at this time. Debate is to have it at the club or an external venue like the Metro – also dependant on weather. There will be some positions up for nomination and opportunities to join some of the subcommittees.

Our next meeting date is the 4th December at 630 at the metro. Please do come along.

If there are any items you would like to add to the agenda then please let me know by the third via an e mail.

Hope you all have a great week and share more of your photos and social rides on our face book page.

Till next time

Natalie Jonas

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