MAD MTBC Club Update

Good morning

I hope that you all have had a good weekend with the wonderful weather we were lucky to have. Sorry that I did not make it out to Sunday sessions – sure it would have been a great afternoon for it.

There are just a few points I need to go over. To those of you who have not been getting my e mails I am sorry. I have done some cleaning of our address list and added in quite a few of you who were not there. For those of you who are getting this and no longer want to please let me know and I will endeavour to take you out in the future.

Onto some news. I hope all of you who made it up for the Mountain Marathon are recovering well and ready for the next event. We have our 6 hour event coming up on the 31st August. This is going to be a fantastic event. The track is in great condition thanks to those members who have given so freely of their time to get it to that condition. If you have not been out recently I highly recommend heading out. But in order for any club event to be fantastic we will need a little help. We are holding a working bee this coming Saturday and we can really use the help. There will be lots of things going on and areas worked on. So please come out with any tools if you have (snippers, cutters, etc) just to help give the track a once over before the race. Please bring your own water and a hat it was very hot this weekend. Any one who is able will be greatly appreciated! The first working bee I attended I was unsure how I could be helpful so I brought snacks!

The registrations are open for the race and there are a few categories for riders to choose from. There are team, solo, adult and junior options. Please note that this year we will not be taking registration on the day and that it closes on the Tuesday on the week of the event. Start organising your teams and get your registration in.

There will be a canteen in operation for the event. Please feel free to bring family, friends and support crew!!!!

There has recently been allot of new enquiries regarding access and use of the track. We would just like to clarify a few things. Every one on this e mail has MTBA licence which covers your insurance as well as club membership. Riders are unable to get a MAD membership with out MTBA insurance, they are linked. We all have family come and visit every once and a while and yes it is hard for all our visitors to take out insurance. But for all those who are talking to their friends/family and encouraging them in the sport they need to consider insurance. The land does belong to the Scouts and they have their cash tin. But if there were to be an injury and someone was to be with out work for a time, individuals would be much better off if they were covered by MTBA insurance. There is a sign at the gate saying users ride at their own risk. Benefits to those on an MTBA/MAD membership are: cheaper races and insurance coverage. It is as simple as that. If any one wants to discuss this further please contact me or contact MTBA Insurance – 1300945547 – sports

Peter Lister has been working through a grant process to help school children get into our sport. We are looking forward to some young talent coming up, and might even feature in our next event. For more details please feel free to come to our next committee meeting held the first Wednesday of the month at the Metro Café at 630 or e mail me your questions and I will do my best to answer them.

I hope that you all have a great week and hope to see many of you at the track on Saturday over the working Bee.


Natalie Jonas

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