Winter Series Race 2 – Sunday 23rd June

Good evening all,

Hope you all had a good weekend. We had a great race this afternoon. Jeff and Peter marked out an enduro track, so the race was longer than the first one of the series. Hope all of you who rode enjoyed the challenge of a new track. Jeff and Peter are looking for feed back so please forward it through and I will make sure it gets to them.

The results can be viewed on line. This program gives the results per lap. Congratulations to Wes for coming in first! :

Our last race in this series is the 14th July. All are welcome!!!! Also our committee meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month. This is where we do the planning for the upcoming events. Also where members discuss topics regarding being a member. Please fee free to join us at the Metro Café at 630.

Today did raise a few issues. Please can all members spread the word to friends and colleagues that guests are welcome to join us for the race. But on race day there will not be “Sunday Sessions” allowed as there is risk of injury especially today with the route involving a few sections in reverse. On a race day if there are guests who would like to come along they need to be there at about 2 30 for registration and “team talk” ready to race promptly at 3.

I understand that some people have to work on a Sunday and still want to ride. I cannot enter some one into the race once it has been started, the application will simply not let us. For all members I feel that we should trial early entry process, so if you are going to be late you can e mail me on the Saturday before the race and I will enter you in and you can pay the time keepers at the end. All late entrants will need to see those timing the race prior to entering the track. We had some riders racing to the track and getting there just after 3, still riding for the 2 hours and not getting times. Hope this helps moving forward.

The registration for the Mountain Marathon is still open, so if you have not registered you still can. And to help every one we are planning to head up ride the proposed tracks so that we are all familiar with them on race day. We will let you know when we are heading up – all are welcome even if you don’t plan to ride on the day.

I think that is all the news for now. Hope you have a good week and hope to see you at the next Sunday Session or race.



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