PUSHed to the Limit

July 23 saw a group of Mad riders (or mad group of riders?) hit the road on an overnight trip to Paluma for the Rockwheelers’ 2011 Mike Carney Paluma Push.

It was the 2nd consecutive year I’ve ridden this course – and again Paluma delivered the goods! The Rockwheelers’ really know how to turn on a great event; everyone was so friendly and welcoming and the trails were challenging but inviting.

Whether you’re new to MTB or a pro – you can have a lot of fun at Paluma!!

To make things extra special, Jenni King (Australia’s top elite female mountain biker) was there pushing the boys to their limits!

The special thing about Paluma is that half the riders are returning for their 2nd, 3rd… even 8th time – but the other half of the field are there for their first time! Paluma offers a recreational course (40km) and a competition class (55km+). Whichever course you choose – you’ll absolutely love it.

There would have been over 15 MAD MTBC members there – and I’m certain everyone will attest to the joy’s of the Paluma Push.

Be there next year.

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