Dirty Duo Delivers!

Competitors in Saturday’s Dirty Duathlon had an absolute blast riding and running through Rowallan Park!

Over 15 competitors lined up for the start; a 3k run saw them head down the park access road to the bitumen then turn around and head back the same way and through transition where they picked up their bikes and headed out for the ride. A fast and flowey track through the bush ensued, three laps of a 2k course which kept the spectators entertained as riders worked the pedals and breaks down the switchbacks before disappearing back into the scrub. The final run was proper fun! Some of Rowallan’s best XC trail still messed up by the bad wet season – made for fantastic running. Another 3k (thankfully shaded by the trees), popping back out to cross the finish line with the BBQ and cold drink waiting!

The weather was perfect, the trails were brilliant and the competitors were all up for a bit of fun.

Can’t wait for the next one!

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